Monday, February 13, 2017

Following Tina Around

The Northend Sketchers (me, Nicole, and Tina) have not been able to get together for a bit due to busy schedules, which seemed likely to happen again this past weekend.  So when Tina told us she had two Sunday afternoon errands in picturesque locations, Nicole and I simply tagged along to keep her company, and to get in a little sketching along the way.

Our first stop was the Norse Home, a retirement home in Phinney Ridge where Tina visited her mother.  It has sweeping views of Ballard all the way out to the Sound and the mountains.

Truman was allowed to join us on our mini-adventures.

There are lounges on every floor with views like this:

There is also a small patio garden and it was warm enough and sunny enough to sit there for a while.

Tina's second stop was a hair cut appointment on Capitol Hill.  The area also had great views of Lake Union and downtown.  Truman and I sat on the salon's garage roof for a view of the Space Needle.

The view in the other direction was also lovely, but I was kind of done drawing sweeping views by this point.

So I joined Nicole back at the car and drew it instead.

Truman waited patiently for Tina to come back, and then we all headed home.  An unusual sketch outing, and a fun one!


  1. I like your two sketches from the Norse Home better than the actual "reality" LOL. Nice job. Sure seems like there's a lot of places that welcome dogs in Seattle. I guess that's a good thing!

    1. Truman may not always be that keen on going to new places but I'm sure he enjoys it more than being left home alone!