Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Defeated by Slush

I tried to go birding at the Montlake Fill yesterday morning, intent on visiting the swamp to check out the ducks at Yesler Cove, but it turned out the snow from Monday had turned the swamp's boardwalk into a slippery, slush-covered mess.  Not worth the risk.

So Truman and I had a quick walk down to the lake front via the main loop trail instead.

Down at the lake, we saw some Wood Ducks.

And some Ruddy Ducks.

It was too cold to stick around long, though.

There is rain in the forecast for today, tomorrow, and Friday.  Unless I find something utterly fascinating to sketch at home, there probably won't be any more updates this week.

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  1. We are enjoying a wonderful snowfall right now, she said sarcastically. It's really coming down pretty good. Supposed to get up to 4 inches with freezing rain beginning about 3pm. Hope bosses let us go home early again. They did that once. The snow/freezing rain is to last about 24 hours and then we should be done. Should get up to 45+ during the day for a week or so. Geez that would be nice!!