Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Golden Gardens Outing

Yesterday Truman and I went on an impromptu outing to Golden Gardens park.  My intention was to scout the Crown Hill neighborhood for potential sketching views that could work from inside the car.

This is what Truman did when I asked him that morning if he wanted to go for a car ride:

While I found a couple of intriguing spots while driving around, those spots didn't have good parking.  Eventually I realized how close I'd gotten to Golden Gardens park, and decided it was time to give up the sketching hunt in favor of a walk.

We saw a seal:

Down at the marsh pond, this American Wigeon posed nicely:

And so did this Bufflehead:

Truman got out of his stroller for a bit:

Back at the parking lot, I noticed that I had a splendid view from inside the car of the main park building -- aha -- sketching time!

So that worked out nicely after all.

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  1. Truman is just too darn adorable! Glad you had fun.