Monday, January 23, 2017

Is This Really January?

This past Saturday the sun shone brightly -- and it wasn't cold!  We got to 52 degrees!

Naturally, this meant getting outside.  I spent the morning going used book shopping before realizing just how nice the day was turning out -- so I hurried home, ate lunch, and then tossed His Adorableness into the car for a visit to Richmond Beach park.

I got to see a few nice birds there -- this is a Horned Grebe:

And here's a Common Goldeneye:

We strolled for a while, and then sat for a while basking in the sunshine, and then repeated the process.  Here is Truman during one of our basking moments:

And here he is displaying his usual "I am  now tired of being out and about" behavior:

Of course, when we turned to head back towards the parking lot, his attitude greatly improved:

Back at the car, ready to head home:

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  1. Oh, why oh why must you rub it in that you have good weather LOL? It's nice for you though and we've been relatively spoiled for quite a few years so I guess we can't complain too much (even though we do). Enjoy!