Monday, January 16, 2017

Yes, I Have Been Drawing Every Day

I am batting a thousand on the "drawing a day" notion for 2017!  I haven't posted every drawing here, as a few of them are less than stellar.  For example, this chickadee didn't seem as much like a chickadee as I would have liked it to:

And this very rapidly drawn sketch of the bird feeder left something to be desired:

This junco was better, though still rather rough:

One morning I drew the banana I was eating.  It's okay, just not terribly exciting:

Another day, I did a quick watercolor study of the neighbor's trees:

Last Friday I put out peanuts to attract critters to the front yard so I'd have something to draw.  These turned out better -- mostly crows, with a Spotted Towhee in the mix:

More crows:

A Steller's Jay:

And finally, more crows plus a random squirrel:

I did get out of the house for a sketch outing or two over the weekend - stay tuned!

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