Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I enjoyed doing needlepoint as a kid, and continued it on a very occasional basis through my early thirties.  Usually I did small pictures that I gave as gifts.  Then I got too busy with full-time work and life and all that, and gave it up.

Here is the last needlepoint project I finished back in my early thirties:

As you can see, after three decades, I still haven't gotten around to framing it, though I did add that to my recent list of "things to spend money on when I have a little extra".  We shall see.  It is 18" x 24", with over 44,000 stitches.  My mother did the same needlepoint picture back in the day, which I admired greatly, and when I discovered she had kept the charted pattern for it, I managed to find similar color yarns, and recreated it.

Fast-forward thirty years -- now retired, with Winter approaching, I decided to tackle needlepoint again.  I bought a lovely lighthouse kit, and set to work on it back in mid-October.  It was perfect for the gray, rainy, cold days ahead, and after three months, I finished it.  This one is 16" x 20", with 22,960 stitches.

I am not planning to wait thirty years to get it framed.

As we still have more Winter ahead, I already have another needlepoint project ready to begin!

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