Thursday, March 10, 2016

How Does My Garden Grow?

Things are happening here and there in the garden--not a lot of things, but enough to get me excited about gardening season again.  Of course, the weather has not been entirely cooperative.  It has been excessively rainy and/or cloudy and/or windy and/or just too cold to get outside much.  Yesterday I got so tired of waiting for good weather that I finally gave up, and just put on extra layers and a hat and went out and dug up weeds anyway.  It felt great.

Anyway, here are the few things in bloom at the moment:

Ribes sanguineum -- a native flowering currant

The hummingbirds love this plant!

Vinca -- also know as periwinkle

A lone daffodil...I know there are more somewhere.

Of course, Truman loves to help me with my gardening efforts!

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