Monday, March 21, 2016

Back to the Fill

I got back to the Montlake Fill this past week, where I got to see a pair of Ruddy Ducks (the male in breeding plumage) on the main pond.  They are winter visitors, and we don't see the males in their full splendor very often, so this was a lovely treat.

They insisted on sticking to the middle/far side of the pond, so I wasn't able to get the best photos in the world, but decent enough:

Also hanging out on the pond were some Northern Shovelers:

As usual, Truman found birds supremely boring.

He was much more excited by the arrival later that day of his new stroller.  Here he is in the old stroller:

It was ten years old, and the mechanism that allows it to fold up had broken, so while still usable, it was a bit of a pain to haul in and out of the hatchback.  So I found a new one online that got five-star reviews across the board, and it is ever so spiffy:

Super easy to assemble, sturdy construction, and the mesh that you can use to completely enclose the Hound is not all torn up as the old one was:

Plenty of storage underneath, and a cup holder on top -- this stroller is a keeper!

1 comment:

  1. With the mesh down, the stroller has a very NASA look. Captain Truman in Outer Space.

    Mr Ruddy Duck looks quite pleased with himself.