Thursday, March 3, 2016

Birds at Magnuson Park

I don't go birding at Magnuson Park anywhere near as often as the Montlake Fill -- it's a larger park, but it is much more human-centered, with soccer fields, tennis courts, playground, swimming dock, boat dock, picnic tables.  So the available bird habitat is smaller -- there are wintering waterfowl on the lake, more waterfowl on the ponds, and a tiny wooded area on Promontory Point.

Truman and I checked it out last week, and I made him hike up the hill to the Point.

He was not that pleased about it.

It was worth the effort, though, as I spotted a Varied Thrush up top, a bird I don't often get to see:

Then we hiked back down and went over to the little pond area to admire the waterfowl.  Here is a Gadwall:

The Buffleheads were being extremely photogenic:

And that was it for Magnuson Park.  A pleasant outing, even without a lot of birds.

Tomorrow I'll report on yesterday's sketch outing to the Arboretum.  Stay tuned!

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