Friday, June 19, 2015

Things That Fly

During a lunch time stroll to the Montlake Fill last Wednesday I spotted the Ospreys again -- only this time there were three of them circling over the lake in close proximity.  A nesting platform has been raised near the slough in an attempt to discourage them from using the baseball stadium lights, but I saw no sign that the birds are adding sticks to the new spot.  They like to be on the tallest thing around, and the new platform is considerably shorter than the light poles.

As I watched, one of the Osprey flew over to a light pole and called repeatedly until its mate joined it.  The third bird ignored them and kept flying over the lake.

A little farther along the path I found a few Mallards engaged in preening:

Down by the wooden bridge over the slough, there were dragonflies -- a hot summer day around mid-day is a great time to watch dragonflies and damselflies.  Here is a Cardinal Meadowhawk:

And here is an Eight-Spotted Skimmer:

After a couple of weeks of hot sunny weather, it is refreshingly cool today after a bit of rain last night and lots of wind.  Feels good, and the rain is good for my garden, though I hope the Saturday forecast for a return of the sunshine (in the low 70s -- perfect temperature!) hold true.

Happy Friday!

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  1. What a lovely day. I love the ospreys (especially those claws) and the red dragonfly is especially pretty. Nice photos.