Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Early birds

It's been a tad on the hot side in Seattle of late -- upper 80s, even 90 at times.  This means I can't enjoy being outside much, which is irksome, as when the sun is shining, I like to be outdoors.  And of course, I want to go look at birds.

Thank goodness I am an early riser, even on weekends.  On Saturday I got up at 5:00am, and was down at the Fill by 6, where Truman and I were able to check out the birds in cool comfort.

There were lots of juvenile sparrows hopping about -- I'm pretty sure this one is a Savannah Sparrow, though I'm open to other opinions:

This Violet-Green Swallow was over by the athletic fields:

And back on the Loop Trail, this Anna's Hummingbird perched nicely:

Truman likes the grass by the main pond, which is stiff and dry in the heat now, and he had a lovely long roll there:

I'm now caught up with photos, so may not update for a few days.  Stay cool!


  1. Hot? Ha! Try over 100 degrees every day for over a week with no end in sight. Blah. I just hope my heat pump and car air conditioner survive. You are lucky!

    1. Did you notice that sentence about how I love being outdoors? There's no air conditioning outdoors! Nor do I have AC in my car, nor in my home. The only place to stay comfortable is the office, where I don't want to be. Blah, indeed!

    2. You could get a window air conditioner but then those darn thieves would have an easy way to get in no doubt. Hope you got a very nice new door!