Friday, June 9, 2017

Wednesday's Adventures Continued

After checking out the Montlake Fill on Wednesday, I decided to check out the nearby Laurelhurst Community Center as a possible future sketching spot.  The building was promising and the views of the city from atop a high hill were excellent, but what impressed me most were the trees.  There was a short path through some truly impressive maples -- I put Tru's stroller in front for scale:

Next we headed off to Magnuson Park where I'd heard reports of Pied-billed Grebe chicks.

On the way to the ponds, I spotted this Savannah Sparrow finding something to eat:

Next, I spotted a grebe on a nest:

On a different pond, I finally found a grebe with a chick -- see the tiny head poking out?

Nearby, a Great Blue Heron was fishing.

And a Northern Flicker worked on a nest hole.

There were lots of dragonflies about, including this Eight-Spotted Skimmer.

Another lovely outing all round.

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