Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Garden Update

The roses are busy blooming away now, along with plenty of other flowers, and plenty of weeds.  I haven't felt inspired to go out and work in the garden for the past week or more due to cool, cloudy, gray days.  But summer is here and the forecasters claim we will have several warm, sunny days in a row this week and weekend--time to get back outside.

My favorite floribunda rose is so top-heavy with blooms that some stalks have fallen over.


I'm training two climbing roses up either side of the arbor.

This climber is called The Magician

And this one is Dublin Bay

Near the arbor are a few day lilies

Lychnis is scattered throughout the yard

This is a shrub rose called Carefree Wonder

Here is a view of the Japanese Maple, with more Lychnis around it.

If the forecast is correct, then I foresee some quality lounging in my future.

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