Friday, June 23, 2017

Quiet at the Fill

Yesterday morning Truman and I took a break from the antics of foster dog Chloe, and went for a stroll around the Montlake Fill.  I wanted a nice quiet walk--the few times I've taken Chloe with us, I got a frantic walk as she spent the entire time pulling hard towards every rabbit in sight.  And there were plenty of rabbits in sight.

So yesterday Truman and I had a quiet, calm, Chloe-free walk.  Naturally, we didn't see a single bunny, nor did we even see many birds about.

Here is Truman looking for birds:

We did find a mountain!

We sat at the bench near the Osprey nest for quite some time, chatting with our birder friend Doug.  He's also a professional photographer and he'd been waiting for half an hour for the male Osprey to return from a fishing expedition so he could get some shots, but alas, that did not happen while we were there.

The female was on the eggs--there has been one report of possible chicks hatching, but we could not confirm this.

While we sat there, a Great Blue Heron flew in to take a stroll nearby.

We continued our stroll around the Loop Trail, not seeing anything of interest.   Here is Truman wondering how far it is to the car and home:

We had a very welcome break from youthful dachshund activity, but then we had to go home to Miss Chloe.  And I had to make it up to her by taking her for a long walk later.  I took her to the local farmer's market, where she endeared herself to several families--kids love her, and she is super friendly to them.  I do hope she finds her forever home soon!

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