Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cool Hot Dogs

We've had a taste of late summer weather here lately -- 80 degrees and full of sunshine.  Truman likes to cool off in his wading pool, but Chloe was not quite so keen.  When I introduced her to it, she just stood there for a few seconds looking confused, and then made a quick escape.

She much preferred cooling off in the long grass.

And she liked drying off on the path with her buddy Tru.

Later she played Hide'n'Seek with him:

I haven't gotten out to sketch much due to social obligations, though I did manage to get in one quick sketch while waiting for a former coworker to show up for lunch--this is a view of the Montlake Cut and the University draw bridge (which conveniently opened while I was drawing):

It's supposed to reach 80 again today, so if I'm going to get out for more sketching, I'd better go soon!

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  1. Cute! On a totally different note, don't you think you should go to a night game while the team is hot?