Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Truman's Christmas

Truman had doggie company both Christmas Day and Boxing Day -- we had Winston and Chloe over to keep us entertained.

Michelle (who is owned by Winston and Chloe) gave me a new plush dachshund toy -- "Buddy" from the movie "The Secret Life of Pets."  For some reason, Truman took against it.  Now, I have a large number of plush dachshunds, eight of which sit propped on the end of the bed, and he completely ignores them.  I added Buddy to that group.  Truman did not ignore it -- he kept dragging poor Buddy out into the living room and thrashing him about.

I kept taking Buddy away and putting him back on the bed with the other toys with a stern "No!", but Tru was having none of it.  He just has it in for the new toy!

I do hope I can train Tru to leave Buddy alone, as it is a very nice plush dachshund.  We shall see.

On Monday, Winston and Truman and I took a stroll to our neighborhood library.

The building houses both the library and other city services, and has an inside corridor with a glass wall for the library entrance proper -- this is where I always park the hounds.

Because the Hold shelves and the checkout counter are all visible through the wall, they can watch my every move.

Truman usually rides in the stroller on the way to the library, and walks home -- but first we have to get past the Evil Garage Door.  There is an apartment building one block from the library which has a large garage door which once opened suddenly as Truman was walking past it, scaring him silly.  That happened over a year ago, but he still refuses to walk past it to this day.

So we stroll until we get by it.

As soon as we clear the Evil Garage Door, Truman is ready to walk home!

He certainly enjoyed his Christmas company very much.

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  1. Silly dog - both regarding the stuffed toy and the walking - LOL. That's a super cute photo of Truman and Winston watching you through the library glass. Glad you both enjoyed your holiday!