Monday, December 19, 2016

A Little Snow, a Little Sketching, a Little Dog

We had a dusting of snow on Saturday morning -- so light as to be barely visible, but Truman still enjoyed checking it out.

On Sunday Tina and I went to the Lake Forest Park Town Center for some quick sketching.  A Winter Farmer's Market was held (indoors) -- it closed at 3pm and we got there around twenty minutes before closing.  I spent about ten minutes on this sketch, until the proprietor started boxing stuff up.

There was also a holiday craft fair going on, which was way too crowded to do any sketching, so I sat on a bench next to a tree decorated with large bows and did this drawing:

Earlier that week, I forced Truman to get into the Christmas spirit by getting his photo taken with Santa at our vet's office for charity.  He did not appreciate it one bit.

But he did enjoy the gourmet dog treat he got afterwards for his trouble, and later that day, he seemed quite content.

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