Thursday, December 15, 2016

Art! (and Truman)

As you know, I haven't been out sketching for some time due to the weather, and I don't enjoy sketching indoors all that much, but I did manage three small drawings over the past week or so.

This was done quickly at the UW marina, on a sunny but very cold day:

This is from Tuesday while I stood in line at the Post Office waiting to mail Christmas presents:

And this is what I see when I sit here in comfort in the living room, staring out the window and wishing it were warmer out there:

So not that terribly exciting, but at least I'm keeping the drawing hand limbered up now and then while waiting for Spring.

And now here is what readers really want to see -- more Truman!

We got a chilly walk in at the the Montlake Fill yesterday.  The puddles were mostly ice and rather slippery in spots.

We saw a lot of coots on the lake, an eagle and a Cooper's Hawk hunting, and not much else other than this lone Killdeer.

Afterwards we tootled up to Third Place Books, where Truman helped me shop.

I did not buy any books about dogs, much to his disappointment!

Finally, one last pic from Monday when Winston came over for a visit:

Happy dogs!

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