Friday, December 2, 2016

This Week's Birds

Once again it was mostly gray and drizzly and unpleasant out this past week and I got out and about just one time briefly to Magnuson Park, so this week's bird photos are nearly all from my front yard, taken through the living room window where I sat in warmth and comfort.

Spotted Towhee:

Steller's Jay:

Northern Flicker:

There weren't a lot of birds about on our one short walk through the Magnuson Park wetlands.

Pied-billed Grebe:

Great Blue Heron:

That's it for this week!


  1. Gorgeous birdies. The Mother should forward those shots of the Northern Flicker to her friend who mailed feathers LOL.

  2. The Great Blue Heron is really the epitome for this time of year in the PNW--especially *this* year. Hunched up against a grey sky, looking disgruntled but with no choice but to endure.

    1. Maybe it should be renamed the Gray Rainy Blue Heron.

    2. I initially typed "Great Grey Heron" so, yes, I think a renaming for those found in this corner of the world might be in order. I'm hoping against hope for a snow day tomorrow.

    3. Sorry about the lack of a snow day. Of course, retired people don't need snow days, though what this retired person wants more of is sunny warm days. When exactly will I be able to afford my second, snowbird home in Tucson?