Monday, December 5, 2016

A Visit to the Fill, plus lots of dogs

Someday there will be more sketches posted here, but I'm not sure when.  I'm not that keen on indoor sketching and it's COLD out there when it isn't rainy or gloomy.  In the meantime, I did manage to get out and about on a bird/dog walk or two.

I decided to check on the progress of the restoration and construction project at the Montlake Fill.  It's still pretty torn up or covered up with bark.

The wintering-over waterfowl are arriving -- we saw tons of coots, and quite a few cormorants, a few Buffleheads and wigeons here and there.

Coot close-up:

There were the usual puddles everywhere and we opted not to try going all the way around.  This is the main pond area, where you can't easily get to the shore without muck boots.

I'm sure this Great Blue Heron enjoyed having more privacy there from those crazy birders.

I was happy to see Golden-crown Sparrows foraging on the path -- they are another winter-only visitor.

After our stroll, we popped over to the University Bookstore, where Truman admired this display of Husky souvenirs.  Go Huskies!

He also tried to help me find a new book, but I wound up buying only a new art pen instead.

Later that same day, we met up with Tina who took us to Magnuson Park for a dog walk.  Truman got to meet her new foster dog, Hank.  Tru was not impressed.

Hank is a big boy.

Truman was impressed by the new stroller Tina got for her little dog Ginger.

After a while, he managed to enjoy himself, though he definitely preferred the company of Tina's smaller dogs (Duke above, and Ginger in her stylish coat).

The forecast for this week includes possible snow and if not, more rain, and temperatures in the upper 30s so there may not be any more outings.  Maybe not until Spring!

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  1. Hi Alex, you appear to notice the cold more now than when you were working...