Monday, August 8, 2016

Wonderful Whidbey, Part 2: Fort Casey and Admiralty Head

After lunch at Greenbank Farm (last Thursday) on wonderful Whidbey Island, Tina, Truman and I headed up to Fort Casey State Park, where the Admiralty Head lighthouse can be found.  We wanted to do more sketching there.

We wound up parking in the wrong lot for the lighthouse without realizing it, which led to a quarter-mile or so walk along the bluff -- a very enjoyable mistake!

Truman and I went off on a side path to check out the view while Tina remained on the main path with the stroller.

The view was pretty darned nice!

Truman did not appreciate the view at all.

On the way back, he spotted his stroller, and strained to get back to it, so I let him go for it.

The fort part of the park has a lot of old military bunkers.

We reached our main goal and set down to do some drawing.

I wanted to see the view from the top of the lighthouse, so Tina watched Truman while I hiked up the spiral staircase.

Then the stairs stopped and I was faced with a ladder...a bit of a narrow squeeze!

The views were quite lovely.

That's Tina and the stroller way down there!

Quite a lot of excitement for one day, and we were only halfway through.  Coming tomorrow: the last of wonderful Whidbey.


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    1. Thank you kindly! Are you back on the interwebz now? Been missing you on FB and Blogger these past two weeks. The world needs more Gradka, jam, and baby goats!