Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Briefly: this week's sketches so far

I went sketching on Monday at the UW campus, where I drew part of Denny Hall.  I was trying to not do a couple of things that I typically tend to do -- either I tend to try to draw everything I see without being selective, thus getting messy, or I tend to do a careful ink drawing and add watercolor, almost like a coloring book exercise.  With this Denny Hall sketch, I wanted to be looser (no coloring book effect) and to not draw every single thing, thus leaving areas looking unfinished in order to produce more of a focal point.

I think it worked out pretty well -- at least, I was quite happy with the result.

On Tuesday, Nicole and I ventured over to Discovery Park.  Sadly, we could not take Truman, as we were going down to the beach to draw the lighthouse and you can't sneak dogs onto the beach there (they're not allowed and they DO patrol the area).

After many days of sunny skies, we were surprised to have a huge fog bank roll in while we were there, and it was actually chilly!  So we did not stay as long as planned, and I did my drawing much faster than anticipated.  So I didn't have time to fiddle over details -- and I liked the result!

Today I have no plans of any kind other than puttering around the house, so there won't be another post until I get out and about again.

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