Friday, August 5, 2016

Wonderful Whidbey, part 1: Greenbank Farm

Yesterday was a long and lovely day -- my friend Tina and I headed up to Whidbey Island for a tour-and-sketch outing.  Happily, Whidbey Island is, for the most part, a dog-friendly place, so we were able to take Truman along.

We started in Mukilteo (about 20 miles north) where we caught the ferry to Clinton on Whidbey Island.

Here is the view of the Mukilteo lighthouse from the ferry.

Here's the view from the ferry deck.

We drove through the little town of Langley, which was quite picturesque, but we didn't stop there, so I didn't get photos except for this one building.  We stopped here briefly on the outskirts of the town so Tina could take pictures of a field with barns and sheep, and so Truman could take a potty break.

Then we headed to Greenbank Farm, a former dairy farm that is now a tourist attraction with a cafe, art galleries, wine and cheese shop, gardens, and an organic farm.

We tootled around the buildings and the gardens, and decided to stop to do a bit of sketching while waiting for the cafe to open at 11 (we had a delicious lunch there on an outdoor patio, where dogs were welcome).

I chose a relatively simple view to draw.

Here is Tina sketching in the gardens.

After lunch, we headed to Fort Casey State Park where the Admiralty Head lighthouse sits.  Stay tuned for that report on Monday!

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  1. One of our clients (and a poker player) has a second home on Whidbey Island. Must be nice! Looks like a lovely place. Truman seemed to enjoy himself.