Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dog Visit and Sketches for the Week

Last week we had a visit from Shelley (who used to pet sit for Truman regularly back in the Dark Times when I was still working) and her little dog Princie.  Truman and Princie first checked out the back yard and the wading pool.

Princie was unfamiliar with wading pools....

Once she got dropped in, she just stood there wondering what she was supposed to do.

Next we went to nearby Meadowbrook Pond park for a stroll.

Back at the house, Princie checked out the ramp onto the bed.  I'm not sure Truman was okay with that.

And now for the sketching I did this week -- here is the back side of my house in an unfinished watercolor.  I was lounging on my lawn chair waiting for Shelley to arrive, and stopped when she got there.

On Monday I went to Carkeek Park with Nicole, where I drew the large salmon sculpture/slide in the playground:

Yesterday I had a go at the Green Lake Methodist Church at 65th and 1st:

That's all for today!

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