Thursday, August 20, 2015

UW Campus Sketch Project plus Grebes!

My "sketch the UW campus" project continued this week with a couple of lunch time outings.  It takes about 10 minutes to get out of my building and to a suitable sketching location, and with 10 minutes to get back, plus a few minutes here or there for unpacking and packing up supplies, that leaves a mere 30-35 minutes for actual art creation.  This does not always work well.

Evidence below:  this is More Hall, and it filled up the page too abundantly and got too busy, but I didn't have time to start over, so I went ahead and finished it anyway.  Some tourists stopped by to admire it, so at least it pleased somebody.

I do like the tree on the right.

This second one is much more successful.  I've been taking my watercolor paints out and about instead of using the watercolor pencils.  I think I like this better than the pencils, though it is a bit trickier in terms of transport and set up.  I'm working on streamlining that.

This is Mary Gates Hall:

I doubt I'll get any sketching done this coming weekend -- birding outing and party on Saturday, baseball game on Sunday.  We shall see.

In other adventures, I got photos of birds on Saturday -- here are some young Pied-billed Grebes hanging out at Magnuson Park restoration ponds.  Enjoy!


  1. Mary Gates Hall actually looks old the way it's supposed to in your rendition; the UW should use some of your stuff in recruiting brochures. I like the story about the tourists; I bet you'll be featured as one of the most charming encounters of their visit to the campus when they tell of their trip back home. That sentence is a mess. Too early.

    1. The Tourists were a couple with their daughter, maybe age 10 or 11, and she loved to paint, and was quite excited to see my supplies, and they all admired the sketchbook as I flipped through to show them other pictures. Then they took a photo of the daughter with me in front of the building as I held up the sketch. All quite charming, really.