Monday, August 3, 2015

Staycation in Review: Friday July 31

My Staycation is over!  I have to go back to work today!  Dang, I was just getting used to the fine art of dinking around all day, every day.  A little dog walking, a little birding, a bit of sketching, some quality lounging in the back was all good.

On this past Friday I went on a sketch outing with Nicole to Volunteer Park where we had a perfectly comfortable time despite the heat, thanks to plenty of shade.

As I sat looking out at the reservoir, I was joined by a Great Blue Heron in the tree next door.

Truman came along, as usual, to patiently monitor my sketching efforts.

There was an interesting stone structure at the end of the reservoir which I found challenging, and which came out a bit crooked here and there.

I moved on to a lily pond, where the heron had also relocated.

After spending some time on quick sketches of the heron as it moved about, I got down to the business of drawing the pond while Truman kept a wary eye on the little white dog sitting with its owner nearby.

The heron settled into a pose for a good two minutes, so I was able to add it to the pond drawing.

A very fine outing all in all.  We never got beyond the first couple hundred feet of where we parked -- there is tons more stuff to explore and draw here.  Definitely need to go back.


  1. A lovely day to be sure. I saw the picture The Mother bought on her bedroom wall. A good choice. Glad you had a nice stay-cation!

  2. The photo of the heron amongst the feathery tree branches is wonderful. I also liked your crooked sketch -- the building looks rakish, as if Something Is Going On In There.


  3. By the way - why on earth would you go back to work on a Friday silly sister?

    1. Who says I did? Does not the post say "Staycation in *REVIEW*"? As in, "Here's what I did last Friday"? Is it not dated Monday, August 3, and then says "I have to go back to work today" (as in MONDAY, the day the post is dated), followed shortly by "on this PAST Friday...." ??? What part of that indicates going back to work on Friday? That would be extremely pointless! Who's silly now, eh?

    2. Well, duh . . . EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUSE me for not being awake. I hate Mondays!! And yes I will admit to being silly. I read too fast most of the time.