Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Truman Goes Shopping

There are many reasons I love going to the University Bookstore -- as UW staff, I get discounts there, they carry plenty of good art supplies, they are an independent bookstore (the only kind I shop at), and best of all, they like dogs.

I love being able to take Truman with me, and the staff love him (though he disdains the hard crunchy dog treats they try to ply him with).  Here he is on Saturday afternoon helping me pick out a new sketch supply bag -- note how similar his expression is to the top photo.  I think that's his standard "why are we here and not home" look.

I wanted a larger bag in order to concentrate my supplies instead of hauling some stuff in the small bag I had and the rest in my backpack.  What I forgot, until I gave the new large bag a full test on Sunday, was that while it was handy to have everything in one place, it also concentrated the weight.  So now I have to consider revamping my supplies to make things less heavy.  Yay.

After making my purchase, Tru and I headed over to the Burke Museum to continue my Sketch the Campus project.

Between the Fresh Paint festival in Everett and this afternoon sketch outing, it proved to be a full and formative Saturday.  Sunday was quiet by comparison -- just birding, a sketch group outing, and a dog walk.  I'll post about that tomorrow.

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