Monday, August 17, 2015

Fresh Paint

No, I haven't been painting -- "Fresh Paint" is the name of an annual art festival in nearby Everett, which I went to on Saturday.  The arts and crafts booths are strung all along the docks at the marina, making for a fun-filled stroll with fabulous views.

You could see Harbor Seals swimming about now and then, though of course, never long enough to get a photo.  The skies stayed mostly gray and it sprinkled a few times, but overall was quite pleasant.

A glass-blowing demonstration was a highlight:

I'd estimate the art booths were nearly half jewelry, which I don't wear, so have zero interest in, and the rest were a nice mix of painting, prints, photographs, ceramics, and garden decor.  The one I found most fascinating was this one:

Not a single piece you see here was created using paint.  The artist uses torn tissue paper to make these incredible pictures.  It is a Japanese art form.  Absolutely amazing work.

I wish my camera could convey how, when you got up close, you could see those thin white feathers were carefully placed strands of paper.  Wonderful work!

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