Monday, August 10, 2015

Low-key weekend

Not much to report from the weekend other than the usual -- dog walks and sketch outings.  I would really like to post more photos of birds, but they are not cooperating.  Oh, they're at the Fill, all right, but not in a photogenic fashion.  The goldfinch flocks flit from shrub to shrub before I can get the camera focused, the sparrows and wrens pop out from the brush and pop right back in again, and the ducks are in their drab eclipse plumage.

Oh, well.  Perhaps in the Autumn I shall get more bird photos, when the migrants return.  We shall see.  In the meantime, Truman tends to stay still when I turn the camera towards him, thank goodness.

Here we are at Meadowbrook Pond Park for a brief sketch outing:

On Saturday my neighborhood had its annual Pioneer Days Salmonfest fair, which is one of the lamest local festivals around, but we always stroll down to check out the street fair anyway, just because it's there.

We spent less than an hour on the entire outing.  The highlight wasn't the fair, but the dogs we met on the way home -- these two dachshunds get walked past our house several times a day, and Truman always barks ferociously at them from behind the safety of his window.  But when he met them up close, all he wanted to do was run away.

Of course, the next time he sees them going past his house, he will bark ferociously again, because he is the Trumanator and they are evil alien dogs.  Or so he thinks, I suppose!

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