Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tiny Update

First, I hadn't heard from the gallery owner in quite some time re: sales, so I popped in yesterday and she said, "Oh, good, I just sold one of your prints and have a check for you!"  So that was good timing.

Second, in my continued adventures in miniature painting, I decided that doing mini-urban sketches in pen and watercolor might be fun.  But it's been way too hot to go outside, so I opted to practice indoors by taking some of my favorite large sketches and reducing them down.  I have three lovely sketches from Kubota Gardens which I thought would work well for this project.

Here is the first view of the gardens, re-done down to 3" x 5" size:

I found a ready-made frame for it -- I think a series of garden views would look nice together.

It's going to stay hot through the weekend at least, so I should have plenty of indoor time to do the other two garden views.  Stay tuned!

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