Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Animal Life

The heat here is not conducive to lengthy outdoor expeditions, which is quite frustrating.  On one day I was reduced to observing nature in my own back yard instead, where I rescued this mud dauber wasp from Truman's wading pool:

There have been several of these hanging around the yard of late, which I don't mind, as they are not aggressive.  Much better behaved than the yellow jackets I had one year.

On Saturday I got in a little birding at the Fill -- turns out it's not too hot if you arrive by 6:00am, which I did.  I met up with Connie there, and we had a splendid walk-and-talk.  The birds were somewhat sparse, as they typically are this time of year -- mostly sparrows, a few swallows, molting Mallards, blackbirds, and quite a few Common Yellowthroats who could be heard but rarely seen.

The highlight was a Red-tailed Hawk with something under its talons -- I couldn't get a sharp photo due to the lighting, but through her bins, Connie thought it was a rat.  Or rather, an ex-rat.


On Sunday I took Tru for a walk at the Magnuson Park ponds, mainly to check out dragonflies.  I soon discovered there were juvenile Pied-billed Grebes about, very vocal and active.  I haven't seen any juveniles at the Fill this year, so it was quite a treat.


And there were also plenty of dragonflies, both at Magnuson and at the Fill.  This shot of an Eight-Spotted Skimmer is actually from the Fill:

Last but hardly least, I spent a lot of time this past weekend just hanging out with the animal life inside my home:

Coming Wednesday:  Tiny Lighthouses, part 2!


  1. It's too hot for man or beast everywhere in this darn state. Glad you are able to get out and about early. I'm sure Truman appreciates beating the heat too. I just emailed the dragonfly photo to my co-worker (who's also fond of dragonflies) and she just LOVED it. I like the hawk. There appears to be a bit of tail there. I think Connie's probably right. There's no end in sight for the heat. BLAH.