Monday, July 27, 2015

The Staycation continues with art and a dog

I have another week of not working and not traveling anywhere and I'm quite happy about that, as it is supposed to be sunny and warm all week long.  Birding, sketching, and hanging with Truman shall be the order of the day!

First up:  Rosyln art.  I wasn't able to sketch while visiting historic downtown Roslyn, as it was extremely windy, so I snapped a few photos to draw from later in the comfort of my wind-free home.  Here is the Roslyn Cafe in ink:

I truly lucked out on the only vehicle parked by the building being that old truck -- perfect for the old-time feeling of the place.

And here is the Roslyn Cafe in ink and watercolor:

Today's plans include a little birding at the Fill with Truman, and a sketch outing to Gas Works Park with Truman.  He figures prominently in all of my Staycation plans.  Here are some photos from a week or more ago from our regular weekend visit to the Fill:

Bullfrog on the path!

Bunny on the path!

Truman ignored the bunny completely (not sure he even noticed it), and as for the bullfrog, he just went up and sniffed it and decided it was Not Edible and Not a Threat and therefore Not Interesting.

Happy Monday!


  1. I have often noticed that Truman's interests, while they can be very intense, are extremely selective. More opinionatedness, I presume.

  2. Hey! Bullfrog on the path at the Fill is *very* exciting. Do you see them often?

    1. Not at all -- since starting my regular visits in 2008, I've seen two. Usually I only hear them. I suspect this was a young one, as it was on the small side and just sitting there not moving, clueless about the possibility of getting smushed by a cyclist. Or eaten by a dog -- it didn't move when Truman touched its snout. So I tapped it lightly to encourage it to cross into the brushy cover, where I hope it stayed out of sight.