Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Catching up: Golden Gardens with Truman

I am behind schedule on posts due to having overnight company in my home (three people in 630sf is a bit tricky, though back in the day, a family of three lived in this house for some 18 years...goodness!).  Anyway, I have photos from Saturday of a visit Truman and I made to Golden Gardens Park.  More fun stuff will hopefully appear later this week.

Just hanging on the beach:

Somebody is a little tired after walking through the sand:

Shaking the sand out of the fur:

Apparently sand tastes good:

Tru patiently waits while I sketch:

Quick colored-pencil/watercolor sketch of the jetty at Shilshole Marina on blue-toned paper:

Coming soon:  an unexpected ride on a boat.

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  1. Nice. Thanks for all the photos of His Adorableness. I know you are busy with The Mother and The Brother right now, so it was good of you to post them. An unexpected boat ride? You must have gone to see where Crystal works! Can't wait!