Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Truman Show

I've had a request for more Truman in this blog, and since I'm all out of new bird pics and haven't painted anything new since the tiny lighthouses, today is a day dedicated to His Adorableness.  I snapped these candid shots yesterday evening -- enjoy!

Tru declares his ownership of the lawn chair.

"Can I drink this?"
"No, that's a fake stream, silly."

"I knew that, of course...."

"Watch me traverse the hazardous stream bed!"

Back in the house, I tempt His Adorableness with his favorite chewy toy.

Truman declares it is time for bed.

How can I possibly resist His Adorableness?

Well, at the moment, he is busy barking up a storm at the front window -- there's a dog daycare one block away, and some of the dogs get walked regularly -- and they always go past our house.  Tru does NOT approve of this activity one little bit, and is very vocal in his displeasure.  A dog walker just went past the house and my ears are still ringing from the howling maddened barking -- not quite so adorable now!

I think I'll go take him for a walk so he can annoy other dogs in other houses instead.


  1. He really is adorable - you did good choosing him!

  2. Those last two are EXCEPTIONALLY winsome.


  3. He seems to be managing the heat well, poor guy.