Monday, June 26, 2017

Too Darn Hot

Seattle broke 90 degrees yesterday--which is too hot for me.  Tina and I still got out sketching, in the shade at Twin Ponds Park in Shoreline.

I wasn't totally happy with this first effort--I tried to do too much, including everything in the scene, and wished that I had focused more on the tree and used less detail on the other stuff.

So when I started on the next view, I tried to simplify things a bit, and wasn't entirely successful, though it's a bit better.

I had trouble getting the main tree too dark, and I also kept fussing with the fallen tree, and just overworked everything in a desperate attempt to fix my mistakes.  Oh, well.  Every drawing is a learning experience.


  1. Well I suppose 90 is pretty hot for Seattle. It was 101 here. Blah.

    1. ***AIR CONDITIONING***!!! WE DON"T HAVE IT HERE!!! Though I did enjoy driving around in Winnie 2 just for the A/C. Nice to finally have it in the car, at least.