Monday, June 19, 2017

Here A Dachshund, There A Dachshund...

...everywhere a dachshund!

We had quite a barky Sunday.  In the morning, things were fairly quiet -- we had a nice walk, where Chloe met our neighbor's dogs Myles and Molly.

But things got a tad chaotic in the afternoon, when we hosted Winston and Original Chloe for nine hours.

From Left to Right:  Winston, Original Chloe, Chloe 2, Truman:

Sure, they look sweet and calm here, but this pic was taken after they'd been romping all over the yard and all over the house and worn themselves out.

Chloe 2 tried to make friends with Original Chloe.

Chloe 2 wanted to play a whole lot longer than the others.  Here is a pic of Truman, Winston, and Original Chloe taking a little break from her antics.

My ears went numb from the barking.  At one point, my neighbor across the street took his Golden Retriever for a walk in full view of the Hot Dog Crowd.  It was not a quiet moment at all.

The rescue organization has now listed Chloe on for adoption.  I haven't heard any news yet, but I'm sure she'll get plenty of applications and will find a great home, with people who have a whole lot more energy than I have!

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  1. I feel your pain LOL. This is one reason I have a cat. Much quieter. They are all so cute together though.