Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fun at Magnuson

Magnuson Park is one of my all-time favorite places to go -- it's a short drive away, it's big, it's not crowded on weekdays, there are some lovely trees here and there, plus lots of meadows, brush, and ponds, along with a lakeside promenade.  There are plenty of buildings from the old naval base days, and a truly fine community garden.  It's perfect for a combination dog walk/sketch outing, which is what Nicole and I engaged in yesterday.

We started at The Mountaineers building, which has a rock-climbing wall.  There was no one climbing it, so we sketched in the tiny garden behind it.

There were workers nearby unloading stuff from a truck and making way too much noise, so we moved on to the park proper, where we landed by the submarine fin sculpture.

It was warm enough that Truman needed a dip in the lake, so I strolled him down there.

Then I settled on my camp stool in a shady spot to draw the fins.

While the fins turned out okay, I spent most of my time on that tree on the right, and had loads of fun trying to convey its leafiness.  I think I spent a good twenty minutes on that tree, while the fins were more of an afterthought.  Of course, it is typical of me to prefer nature to man-made objects.

There is sun and 70+ degree weather in the forecast through the weekend.  I suspect I will get out and about.


  1. I really like your newer sketches. The courses you've been taking have certainly changed the way you sketch. Hard to say what it is but things seem to stand out more - be more noticeable. The leaves are very cool by the way.

    1. Thanks! I did get a lot out of one course in particular where the artist used stronger lines and shading, and more interesting color combinations. Very helpful stuff.