Monday, June 12, 2017

Chloe and Truman

Truman has definitely accepted the presence of Miss Chloe in his house.

She likes to lick his ears, and he lets her.

Though sometimes he does give me a look as if to say, "I'm done now."

Last Thursday, Winston came over to play, and she enjoyed romping with the boys.

On Friday she went in for her spay surgery.  The rescue organization person told me not to use the plastic cone to keep her from licking the sutures, as they are so uncomfortable, and to simply wrap something soft around her neck instead.  Here is Miss Chloe sporting a pair of colorful knee-high fluffy socks:

She was pretty out of it Friday and Saturday.  By Sunday she started to be a little more active, and wanted to spend more time out of her sequestered room, and be with Truman.

She went after his ears again right away.

We had a couple of nice, peaceful, quiet days there, but now she has recovered her voice and the barking has resumed.  Joy.  As soon as she is recovered, she will be put up for adoption -- there is already plenty of interest in her and applications are being filled out.  I'm sure she will find a great home.


  1. Glad she's doing well. For future reference they do have "cones of shame" that are very comfortable now. I saw some on the Cole & Marmalade website. They aren't hard plastic. I'm sure your vet would know about them.

    1. Yes, we looked at some at the pet store -- cones made of a soft fabric, but they were still too long for her to be comfortable in because of her long nose. There are also inflatable donut-style rings which would be fine but I figured the sock method replicated that pretty well.