Monday, November 14, 2016

Still Raining

The weather has not been conducive to my usual activities so I have little to report here.  The only thing of interest I did this past week, other than battle home infestations (odorous house ants and drain flies all over the house plus rats in the crawl space), was to make two small additions to the recent wall decor in the living room.

You may recall this project from the last time I posted about it:

One of my attentive readers, Molly, thought it seemed to be missing something, and I decided perhaps it was indeed missing something, so I added a trunk/branches beside the door to tie in the leaves better, and a few little wildflowers below the window.

I believe Truman approves!


  1. That's very cute! I'm sorry the weather has been crummy. It's bright and sunny over here - not to rub it in. It was a tad rainy yesterday and this morning, but it's clearing up nicely. Still almost 60 degrees too although rumor has it that cold is approaching - blah. Hope you get outside soon!

    1. A bit of sun came out this morning and Tru and I got out for a walk but it's going to be tough getting through winter here with all the gray and the rain.

    2. That's what you get for living on the Wet Side - ha! Fortunately, you have the ability to keep yourself very busy indoors or out.

  2. Skip that winter come live here