Monday, November 21, 2016

Sketching a mansion

The Seattle Urban Sketchers arranged to have the Stimson-Green mansion on First Hill (built 1901) all to themselves on Sunday.  About 25 or so folks turned up to drawn inside this fine home, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Northend Sketchers (Tina, Nicole and I) arrived quite early to snag a prime parking spot.  It was raining, so we tried drawing from inside the car -- here is what I could see of the front porch:

The interior was full of fabulous views and decor -- here you can see some sketchers staking out their spots.

I headed upstairs, where I found the master bedroom -- it was better lit than the rest of the home, and hardly anyone was in there, so I sat down on a window seat to sketch a small section of it.

Then I roamed around exploring the rest of the home, looking for another spot where I could find both something to draw, and a place to sit where I wouldn't be in anyone else's way. 

I found a spot on one side of the main hallway, looking back through it into the main living area, where Tina sat drawing the fireplace.

It was a very complex scene and took me the rest of the time we had there.  A fine outing at a truly beautiful location.

Here is a report from one of the group leaders over on the urban sketcher blog--you can spot me in the last photo on the stairs at the bottom with the lamp light glowing on my face:

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  1. Cool! I love that house especially the woodwork on the ceilings. Looks like a nice turnout too. The photo you were in shows a fun bunch of people!