Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Return to Discovery Park

To determine whether I want to spend some time outdoors, I look at the weather wishing for three things:  Not Raining, Temperature At 50 or Higher, and at least Some Sign of Blue in the Sky.

Well, it's been such a gloomy November that I'd never get out at all if I stuck with all three requirements, so yesterday I decided to settle on "Not Raining" and call it good.

I took Truman to Discovery Park for his trip ever to the beach there.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach, but they are allowed on the trail alongside it.

We lucked out, because it was gray when we started out but by the time we got there, while not exactly sunny, the sky did manage to turn blue-gray instead of total gray.

And there were birds!

One of our winter visitors, a Lincoln's Sparrow:

A juvenile White-crowned Sparrow:

Heermann's Gull:

We also saw grebes and cormorants and several Rhinoceros Auklets way out on the water who refused to swim in close enough for photos.

But we did get a lone American Wigeon hanging with the Mallards at a small pond.

I think Truman enjoyed his first-ever trip to the beach at Discovery Park!

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