Friday, August 12, 2016

Out and About with the Urban Sketchers

It has been ages since I've been to one of the group sketch outings hosted by Seattle Urban Sketchers.  They do one Sunday meeting a month, and some ad hoc Friday get-togethers, but for the past several months I've either been doing something else at those times, or the location didn't apeal.

So I was quite excited to see that today's ad hoc meet-up didn't conflict with my busy retirement schedule, and was in a place I wanted to go and could get to easily.

About 20 folks turned up -- the meeting spot was MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) at South Lake Union.  We all spread out from there -- lots of great views, lots of activity.

And being on the lake, lots of boats...which I tried to avoid drawing, as I am quite bad at it.  Perhaps I should just spend a day or two or a hundred drawing nothing but boats until I'm good at it!

The Center for Wooden Boats is located here, and there were kids working on boats:

My first sketch attempt was of this rather busy view -- a bit too much going on, but I gave it a try.

Before and after adding watercolor...I kind of like the "before" better, but it's too late now!

For my next effort, I settled on something a bit simpler -- just one object.

Our 2-1/2 hours of sketching time was nearly up, so I did a quick drawing of a sculpture at the base of the museum steps.  (I forgot to take a photo of the real thing -- oops!)

It was great to get out with the group again -- several familiar faces there, and I even chatted with a few folks.  Hope to go to outings more regularly in future.

Happy Friday!

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