Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fun with Airplanes

While visiting family in Richland, I decided to see what the local chapter of Urban Sketchers might be up to, and it turned out they were having a sketch outing yesterday at the airport.  They welcomed me to join them at this small, non-commercial general aviation airport for private planes.

Those who know me are aware of my severe airplane phobia and may be surprised at my eagerness to go draw them, but I found the small planes non-intimidating and enjoyed the outing.  The group had arranged for a plane to be posed for them in front on the control tower -- its owner is a friend of a group member and is an aerial photographer.

There were also several small craft parked on the tarmac.

I joined the group gathered around the posed plane.

I was not happy with this first attempt at drawing a plane.  I had a lot of trouble fitting both the plane and the tower on the page, couldn't get the wings right, and felt rushed when the pilot said he might have to move the plane (turned out he didn't).

We were also allowed into a hangar, so I moved over there, attracted by its lovely shade.

After looking over all the planes inside, I settled on this red-and-white mosquito control plane.

I was much happier with this drawing -- I didn't have to worry about fitting two objects onto the page, and I was able to take my time with it.

The group convened to share drawings and take a group photo, and then the real fun began -- while chatting with the pilot, I mentioned my airplane phobia.  He promptly invited me to ride in the plane as he taxied it back to its hangar about a mile and a half away.  Well, that seemed safe enough -- he promised not to lift off.  So I hopped on in!

I think our top speed was around 25mph.  It was ever so exciting.

At the hangar, I got to see how you park an airplane.

That had to be one of the more unusual sketch outings I've been on yet!


  1. Baby steps!! I think I would find one of those huge cruise ships much more intimidating than an airplane (large or small).

  2. I'm with you 7 Dewey. Nice sketching Alex also nice to catch up with family.