Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Update from the Fill

Truman and I visited the Montlake Fill this morning, where the Ospreys were still working on their nest (but not providing good photo ops).  Instead, we settled for teal -- both Cinnamon and Blue-winged.  They were hanging out on the Southwest Pond, and another Cinnamon Teal was on the slough.

Here's the lovely Blue-winged Teal:

And the always-stunning male Cinnamon Teal:

Meanwhile, a Pied-billed Grebe family was swimming around looking for fish -- the light was poor and they were far off, and I got just one halfway-decent photo:

Truman was bored, as usual.  Here he is over at the slough, wondering when we are going to finish watching birds and go home.

He did not know, when we got back to the car, that I was then going to drag him to the University Bookstore to buy art supplies.  He was not happy about it.

And then I further annoyed him by visiting some friends at the UW Statistics department.  We got home four hours ago, and I think he has finally forgiven me.

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