Friday, May 6, 2016

Not a Lot of Birds

I continue to not see a lot of birds here in Richland, though I haven't exactly been out and about much to look for them.  Too busy painting and sketching, and hanging with Truman.  So I'll just post the two species that I see in my mother's neighborhood:  Eurasian Collared Doves (which seem to outnumber the crows by about 100 to 1) and California Quail.

These doves have taken over the Tri-Cities in recent years.  It was just 2012 when I saw my very first one, ever.  Now you can't walk a block without hearing or seeing one.

You don't see the quail as often -- more often you only hear them scurrying or fluttering away.  However, my mother's next-door neighbor puts out food for them, so I was able to get photos as they chowed down.

This squirrel also found the handouts enticing.

Finally, a random photo of Truman at the park by the Columbia River:

Happy Friday!


  1. Did you see the Tweeters post about the boreal owl sighting in Richland?

    1. Great -- found the post, but it had no details on location. Have emailed poster but am not hopeful.

  2. No!! Will go look in the archives for it now.