Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Visit to the Ospreys

Last week I paid another visit to the nesting Ospreys at the Montlake Fill.  I believe they must be on eggs, as one is always on the nest, hunkered down, while the other bird goes off in search of food.  Then they switch places.  Incubation time is 35-40 days, 2-4 eggs per brood, and eggs are laid as much as five days apart, so hatching is staggered.  End of June would probably be the earliest we might see signs of youngsters.

Here is one of the birds returning to the platform with a fish.

And a few more shots:

I also kept an eye out for other birds at the Fill, but the only one that came out in the open was this Savannah Sparrow:

I didn't stay very long, as I had dachshunds in tow who wanted to walk rather than stand around looking at birds.  Except when they found something smelly to roll in, that is.

Truman with his best bud, Winston

Coming tomorrow:  exploring the local parks

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  1. I can't wait to see photos of baby ospreys! They are magnificent.