Friday, January 8, 2016

Truman Goes to Golden Gardens Park

Well, I went with him, of course.  I forget which day we did this -- now that I'm no longer working, I don't pay much attention to what day of the week it is.  It was a warm, sunny day  -- oh, wait, now I remember.  It was Wednesday!  I hadn't been able to take him to the Fill that morning, because of a lunch date right after.  So when I got home, Truman looked like this:

That's his trademarked "you must entertain me now!" expression.  So I took him to Golden Gardens Park and made him walk without the stroller all the way down to the wigeon pond.

We found wigeons there, of course, in large numbers.  Here we see a pair taking a nap -- note the somewhat creepy nicitating membrane over the eyes:

Here's a non-creepy wigeon with open eye:

Truman soon got bored by birds and wanted to walk along the beach.  This is why I left the stroller in the car -- you cannot push a stroller through all that sand and driftwood.

It was so sunny and warm that we paused for a while on a bench to admire the view.

Although Truman insists that I take him places, he always tires of the outing quickly and insists that I take him home NOW.  This is the end of our beach walk, and his trademarked "Where is the CAR?!" expression:

A fine outing indeed, if you ask me.  Not sure what Truman thought!


  1. I'm sure that Truman thought you are the best dog person ever. You can read him like a book and take him out when he wants and bring him home when he wants. Spoiled baby LOL. Lovely day.

  2. Sounds like you bothe enjoyed that outing. Our 4 legged kids are pure joy aren't they.