Monday, January 18, 2016

Birds and Dogs at Magnuson Park

Here are some photos from over a week ago that got put aside due to the fabulous Skagit Valley adventure.

Winston and Truman visited Magnuson Park, and kindly brought their humans along.  It was a lovely morning:

We spotted this hybrid Mallard hanging out with the plain old Mallards:

Winston and Truman enjoy the promenade:

Here is a Common Goldeneye out on the lake:

We encountered a flock of wigeons on the grass.  Truman wanted to avoid them, while Winston was determined to give chase.  The wigeons were having none of it.

Here we see a pair of Lesser Scaup:

There was a Cooper's Hawk fanning its feathers -- I swear I've never seen a Cooper's doing this in the entire eight years I've been birding, yet in the space of one week, I had two different hawks fanning their feathers like this in two different locations.  Go figure.

Winston and Truman wanted to know why I kept stopping to take photos.  The point of a walk, after all, is to walk.  So we did, and that was that!

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