Friday, July 31, 2015

Stop Me Before I Visit This Park Again

Once or twice a  year I think, "Why don't I go to Discovery Park more often?"  It has lovely views of the Sound, plenty of varied bird habitat, historic buildings, a beach and lighthouse that I can't go to when I have Truman with me, but it also has a bluff-top sand pit where he can pretend he's on the beach.

So, remembering only the nice things about Discovery Park, I hop in the car and head out...and thirty minutes or more later, as I'm sitting in traffic in Ballard, I remember precisely why I don't go more often.  Gah, what a lengthy, convoluted, annoying drive it is!  Pooh.  Next time I say anything about going there, please call or email to remind me of the horrible drive -- thank you.

The idea was to sketch some of the historic buildings (old military housing), and Truman came along to help, of course.

I wasn't terribly excited by the results.

So I gave up on sketching in favor of a long walk through the meadow.

We went as far as the sand pit, which we had all to ourselves.

The views were splendid, though still not worth the annoying drive.

Next time, I'll just go to Golden Gardens instead.

Finally, here is the obligatory "Truman sitting on my lap" photo:

He, at least, seemed to enjoy himself, but then, he's a dog.  He doesn't have to drive.


  1. It's too bad you have to hassle with the drive since it does look like a great place to spend a warm sunny day. Phooey. Knowing you, however, you probably went some weird roundabout way instead of the quicker freeway route. Maybe I'm wrong. Nonetheless, a little hassle twice a year isn't so bad.

    1. There is no freeway route. The freeway only goes North-South, and Discovery Park is quite a long ways west of my home. We have no fast east-west routes anywhere. Perhaps you remember a long time ago in the dark ages you had a job interview here at a company in Ballard and I showed you how to get there -- that's the same route. Only the park is farther away still. Far, far, far away. MOST annoying.

      I have made the drive a couple of times in pursuit of rare birds there, but other than that, or unless someone else does the driving, I am staying away!

    2. I do remember that route. Blah. They should work on that fast east-west route, but then you would have to deal with road construction which is even more annoying. Oh well. I'm off at noon today so hope you have a good weekend. Go Ms. More blah.

  2. What about going down across the University Bridge and then along the south side of the ship canal? You could sneak into Magnolia via the 15th/Ellliott overpass and avoid Ballard entirely! (Also, having just spent a good long time getting to and from Ballard on Metro, with the return trip featuring a lot of Sounders fans in various stages of drunkenness, well, I can only say that there are worse commutes.)