Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Staycation Outings

On Monday Truman and I ventured over to Gas Works Park, where I don't think I've been since the late 1980s.  I ought to go more often, for it is a lovely spot with terrific panoramic views of the city.  And of course, it also hosts the old gas works, which make for wonderful sketching opportunities.

Truman did do some actual walking at the park, but it was easier to put him in the stroller for picturesque poses.

Note to Mom:  I counted eleven construction cranes downtown from this vantage point!

I found a shady spot from which to draw the old gas works:

The park is only 1-1/2 miles from my office, so I'm thinking a long lunch now and then to walk over there might be fun.

On Tuesday we went to the Fill, where there were mostly lots of little birds flitting about -- goldfinches, House Finches, sparrows, chickadees, wrens, and hummingbirds.  Quick, how many goldfinches are in this photo:

I'm not actually sure myself!  I know there are at least eight, and there might be a ninth one hidden behind the stems above the one with wings spread in the lower left side.

After our walk around the Loop Trail, I found another shady spot over at the Center for Urban Horticulture building courtyard from which to do another sketch.  Truman, as usual, waited ever so patiently for me to finish and do something more interesting (like take him home).

Today's plan is to sketch at Discovery Park.  It's supposed to get to 86 today, so we may not be out there very long, though!


  1. 86 degrees sounds WONDERFUL to me. It's supposed to be 104 degrees today in the old Fried Cities. The park looks interesting. I will have to check it out. What's with the construction cranes LOL?

    1. During our lovely cruise with Crystal, The Mother spent some time counting construction cranes on the downtown skyline. She got to nine. Of course, I had a higher vantage point at Gas Works from atop the hill there. Eleven! There's probably even more that I couldn't see.

      It's supposed to be 90 degrees Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun. And I have sketch outings planned for Fri and Sat. Ugh! You can have it!

    2. "Hot hot hot . . . we could hit 95 today" is what Bill Radke has just declared, far too gleefully, on KUOW. I trust you'll be at Discovery Park by dawn and home before 8:00. -

  2. I don't want it - LOL. It's supposed to be 100 today, 108 Friday, 106 Saturday, 102 Sunday and 100 Monday. Next Friday it's supposed to be 88. I will need a sweater. Ha. Ha.